Candy Flavors

Butter Brickle


Cocoa Puffs

Coffee Break

Mad Dog Wino

Mornin' Danish


Toasted Toffee

Toro Rojo (Red Energy)

​Vanilla Thrilla

In 10 ML. and 30 ML. Bottles

Available in "0" Low Medium High and Extra High

Kick e-Liquids

The finest e-liquids since 2008

Kick e-Liquids has been bringing you the finest in e-liquids from all over the globe since e-liquids first started being imported.. We search for flavors that have a strong flavorful taste, and finish the same way. We buy some several reputable companies, to keep about 25 of the most basic flavors for your vaporizing pleasure. Our bases go from straight Propylene Glycol, to a 70/30 mix, with vegetable glycerine.

We feel that for liquid to be at it's best, it should be aged, and kept in a light free, temperature controlled environment. All our liquids are from reputable companies, and not some back-yard brew, that is hastily thrown together, and shipped, same day. Because of our standards, we don't carry every flavor under the sun. we carry what sells in a specific time frame, and leave the "fad " flavors to others.

Tobacco and Menthol Flavors

Original Tobacco Road

Cowboy Cured


555 State Express

Virginia Primo


Amerii Mint

Abandon Mint

Fruit Flavors

Heaven, Almond, Heaven

Apple Tart

Banana Rama

Cherries Jubilee


Honey-Do Melon

Just Peachy

​Lotta Colada

​Strawberry Jammin'